Horticultural Spray Services

Eliminate pesky varmints with our comprehensive horticultural spray treatment. Stinging caterpillars and other creepy crawlies can not only be hazardous to humans, but hugely detrimental to plants and trees in your yard. Be proactive and let Oasis Tree Care keep your yard as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Tree in wood chips
Tree in wood chips

Tree Fertilization

We offer tree fertilization in order to keep your trees as healthy as possible. Our fertilizer spray is packed with plenty of nutrients–including nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and more–to help your trees thrive and grow to their optimal landscape potential.
There are many factors that can put trees at risk, such as soil compaction, lack of moisture, nearby construction, and more. Tree fertilization ultimately reverses these defects, helping the trees fully develop and flourish. We are available to test your soil in order to determine if fertilization is necessary, and gather pertinent history of the property that will play in role in supplementing your trees with horticultural spray from Oasis Tree Care.


Stinging Caterpillar

Stinging Caterpillars can cause major damage to your trees, and are very dangerous to humans as well. These insects have multi-branched urticating spines, which deliver a sharp sting when touched. The severity of a sting depends on the species, and ranges from inducing immediate pain, severe itching, swelling, and redness, to causing death through hemorrhaging. They have a tendency to gather on the branches of several types of trees.
The larvae of the Stinging Caterpillar feeds on oaks, and when it is present, they preferentially feed on the scrub oak. They consistently and heavily feed on foliage, weakening the tree over time. Oasis Tree Care provides a specialized spray to rid your trees from these creatures and protect them from ever coming back. Regular spraying from mid-March to early April will allow for enough time for the Stinging Caterpillar eggs to hatch, and kill the caterpillars while they’re still in the tree.
If you would like to learn more about our horticultural spray services and how they can benefit your property, contact us at Oasis Tree Care today!

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